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Best Practices to Keep Your Septic System in Good Shape 

Septic tanks are a common feature in most homes, and their maintenance is a primary concern for everyone. Failing to keep your septic tank in the best condition can lead to several problems to your family and the environment. For that reason, this article highlights some of the measures that any homeowner must undertake to keep the septic system in the best condition. 

Having an excellent landscape can contribute significantly towards keeping a perfect septic system. Check on the slope of the ground and avoid constructing a septic tank at a position that storm water collects as excessive water can damage the septic tank. While the tank sits underground, you should not operate massive machines on the top surface because that weight can destroy the septic tank underneath, but you can do light and less strenuous activities on the ground. You can divert water that could have a way into the septic system. Avoid areas with big trees which might have strong and deep roots that can penetrate the walls of the septic tank. Deep-rooted trees can damage the walls of the tank. Click here to research more about Norwich Land Clearings.

You must be watchful to the kind of objects and chemical that you dispose into the system because some substances have significantly contributed to the destruction of septic systems. Gasoline, paints, oils, varnish and other harmful substances have active compounds that can react with the septic tank wall and damage it, or the substances can be hazardous to groundwater. There are alternative ways of properly disposing chemicals away from the septic system. As much as disposal of hazardous wastes can be quite challenging, you can seek advice from an expert to give you clear direction. 

It is essential to differentiate between a garbage bin and septic system because some people dispose of material meant for the garbage bin into the septic system. Maintain a good septic system is a collective responsibility and you can inform those who do not know how to maintain a septic system about the best practices because if you do not, as much as you try to do it alone, your efforts will be futile. Avoid dumping of cigarette remains, sanitary towels, paper towels, and coffee grounds into the septic system. 

Not all cleaning products are best for the septic system because some of the can damage the components. Apart from killing bacteria and other germs, some cleaning products elongate decomposition of solid wastes. You can seek professional advice on the best septic system clean products. Flushing food remains into the system can block it and cause problems. Keep in check the amount of water that drains into the system because excessive water can weaken the septic tank. For more info. visit


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